Monday, July 8, 2013

Will You Still Adopt?

Another questions we are often asked is, "So, will you still adopt?"
The answer is, "YES, YES, YES!" Our hearts are still in our adoption and loving the orphan.
Some adoption agencies will not let a family on the waitlist become pregnant--if a family would become pregnant, they must discontinue the process and lose all of their progress. AGCI used to follow that rule. We are really thankful they no longer do. Since we are so far out on our lists, at least 2-3 years until a referral, we will still move on the list like usual.
However, we will not be able to accept a referral until our baby is a certain age--10 months, I believe(it is about 99% unlikely that we would receive a referral before then anyways).
Also, AGCI does not let a family adopt out of birth order, so we will likely have to change our paremeters to just one infant, or possibly twins, which happen very rarely. If the wait is really, really long, we can choose to expand our parameters again to include an appropriate higher age range.

So, yes! We are absolutely proceeding with our Ethiopian adoption.


  1. I am just catching up on blog reading and just saw your AWESOME news! Congrats to you! I am so happy for you!

  2. I'm so glad you'll still be able to proceed with the adoption. I've also heard that many agencies won't allow your to adopt if you become pregnant while waiting. I get that but I'm hoping its not the case for you and colin. :)

  3. Fantastic! I had this feeling that you would ... and I'm so happy for you!