On August 21, 2011, we said YES to God! He has called us to start a family by adopting from Ethiopia, a country in eastern Africa that has 5,000,000 orphans. Our hearts have been broken for orphans everywhere.

On November 2, 2012, we joined the waitlist through All God's Children International to adopt either one girl 0-12 months or two girls--one 0-12 months and a birthsister 0-5 years.

It is an estimated 4-6 year wait until we receive our referral, but due to a slowdown in processing adoptions in Ethiopia, we are preparing our hearts for an uncertain wait time.

Ways to encourage us through our adoption:

1) Pray. For faith. For patience. For guidance. For the birthparents and family. For resources. For all orphans.

2) Donate. There is a paypal link on the right side of our blog. All donations go directly into our adoption fund.

3) Purchase a handcrafted item off our Etsy site.

4) Purchase coffee off our Just Love online coffee shop. Try the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe!

5) Please ask us any questions you may have about adoption, Ethiopia, or anything else. Give us verbal encouragement. Hugs are nice, too.

We believe everyone is a piece of the puzzle in the orphan and poverty crisis. Not everyone is called to adopt, but there are many ways we can fulfill God's calling to help. Pray, donate, love, purchase, sponsor a child, etc.

Past fundraisers:
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Garage Sale #2
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