Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Home Study Application Is In the Mail!

Last Friday we chose our home study, as we sent in our application to AGCI (All God's Children International). 

Today, we sent in our application to our hopeful home study agency: Catholic Charities. We also had to send in a $600 application fee.

Living in Wisconsin, we had four options of agencies. After calling all four agencies and reviewing the information they gave us, we made our choice. We are praying it is the right one and that we will be approved. 

Since sending in our AGCI application last week, we have 6 months to complete all of our home studies, our education, and our dossier. It is going to be a busy 6 months! 

Busy is awesome, though. Because as soon as we get all of these things done, we will be put on the waiting list!

If my information and math are correct, it looks like this will happen by the end of November. Oh my. 

We are putting our hope in God and trying to learn how to wait quietly.

November, come soon!


  1. Waiting well is so hard. Hope you can fill the time with fun things as well as busy-ness. Cherish the time with just the two of you, it looks like things are about to change forever!

  2. So exciting. Things are moving right along. I know the waiting is hard ut I'm sure November will be here before you know it!