Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Enat is Mother in Amharic, the language of Ethiopia.

My thoughtful husband blessed me this Mother's Day with a bracelet that says Enat:

Mother's Day is so difficult.
So complex.

We are ever so grateful for our mothers.

We are in awe of the sacrifices they have made for us.
We are who we are because of their raising us.
The clothed us, fed us, sheltered us, gifted us, taught us.
And So. Much. More.

We miss them.
We are far apart.
From opposite sides of the state to opposite sides of the country.
But, we have them.
And we are ever so honored that God has gifted us with one more Mother's Day to celebrate them.

At the same time, our hearts ache.

For our babies.
A continent away.
And years away from our arms.

For birthparents.
And their brave decisions.
Their sad hearts.

For those without their mother.
Never known.
Far away.
Or in Heaven.

For those with broken relationships.

For those without their child/ren.
Angel babies.
Earth babies gone to Heaven.
Children far away.

For those deeply desiring to become pregnant.
And it's not their time.
Or it may never be.

For those on waiting lists.
And they haven't yet been picked.
Or they are far from referrals.

It hurts.

I am praying for all of you.
You are all in my heart.

May the Lord bless you.
May He heal your heart.
May He nurse your wounds.

May He give you the desires of your hearts according to His will for you.


  1. What a sweet gift! I can't wait until you can celebrate mothers day with your baby!!!

  2. beautiful! thanks for your comment on my blog as well. praying that you get to meet your sweet one soon!

  3. Beautiful post Jess! I know you will experience motherhood one day soon. Xoxo

  4. What a beautiful post! My heart aches for you waiting to hold your babies.