Monday, July 16, 2012

Doctor's Appointments

For our adoption, we are required to have physicals, including TB tests and blood drawn.

We had our initial appointments on Friday, July 13th. Everything went well, except that the nurse could not find my vein to get blood drawn, so I was poked three times. Ouch.

Today, we are having our TB tests read, and our paperwork notarized. It was tricky figuring out when mine and Colin's different doctors could read our tests and sign-off on our paperwork and coordinate that with a notary being present whose expiration date was no less than 3 years.

Our notary's expiration date has to be 3 years or greater, because that is how long we could potentially be waiting for our precious referral.

Our next steps are: complete our final online education course, have our third homestudy meeting (our first in-home meeting) on Monday, July 23rd, and finish our paperwork chase.


  1. Even more checks off the list! Yay!

  2. Sounds like Friday the 13th was a great day for you. Not unlucky at all!

  3. Isn't the TB test so NICE!??!? (KIDDING!) What a run around! I hate getting to the fifty different places and getting fifty different signatures ... but it feels SOOOO good to have another "to-do" checked off the list!!! :-)
    Good luck on your in-home meeting!