Thursday, May 10, 2012

Orientation Packet and a Celebration Meal

We received our orientation packet via UPS today!

So excited! We are going to spend Friday reading through it all, and then schedule a time for our 45 minute orientation phone call with All God's Children.

To celebrate, Colin and I cooked a traditional Ethiopian meal together. We made Doro Wat (chicken with spicy berbere sauce and hard-boiled eggs) and Injera bread.

To learn more about Ethiopian cuisine, see our explanation and restaurant experience.

We cooked our meal from an African cookbook that Colin gifted me with for Chrismas. Our meal was amazing! We can't wait to experiment more.

Our Doro Wat cooking:

Injera cooking:

Finished meal:

Perhaps I will post these recipes for you sometime soon!


  1. How exciting! I bet you can't wait to schedule the appointment. I am getting even more excited for you:) The food also looks delicious!

  2. One more step done! :-). I hope you had a great time and got lots of info reading through the packet. And eating the meal. :-)
    Btw, my earrings are LOVELY!!!!! Hubby let me open presents a few days early ... I think he was excited. :-)