Saturday, May 19, 2012

Orientation Call

On Friday, May 18th, we had our orientation phone call!

We were very excited for this call. Very.

We went over our orientation packet, which included an introduction to All God's Children International and the Ethiopia program, policies, our contracts, our next steps, post-adoption requirements, a fee schedule, and a few other forms.

We were able to clarify any questions we had. We are so happy to be working with AGCI. We have such peace that we chose to adopt through them. They are so helpful and they made sure we know that we can call them at any time if we have questions or just need to talk about our adoption.

Our next steps are signing and notarizing our contracts and various forms, and choosing a home study agency. Living in Wisconsin, we have four agencies to choose from. We called all of them, and were able to talk to two. We left messages with the others, and are hoping to receive a call back and have our questions answered by Monday. Once these steps are finalized, we will be sending all of this paperwork to AGCI with our first payment.

A God thing: Our first payment will be $6390. We do not have to pay the program fee of $1000 if we contract by June 29th because AGCI honored Mother's Day with this fee waiver. The total amount of money we have in our special adoption fundraising account is $6204! Almost the exact amount that we will be needing to send in! Wow. To God be the glory.

Once we send in our paperwork with our first payment, we will receive an adoption planner and a home study binder. Then we will have a LOT more paperwork to complete. We will have 6 months to do our home studies, education, paperwork, etc., but this may only take 2-4 months.

When it is all completed, we will be put on a waiting list!!! We cannot wait for this moment. 


  1. How exciting!!! And what a blessing it must be to have almost all of your first payment saved already!!!

  2. Totally love our God of Abundance. He truly meets each need as we have it. Thank you for stopping by my blog to encourage and I look forward to getting to know you more as I follow your journey to Ethiopia. Some very close friends adopted two amazing girls from ET and we love them. :)


  3. I've been waiting for your update - amazing news! Perfect amount of blessing at the perfect time.

  4. The right agency makes all the difference, especially as there are *so* many questions as you go through the adoption process. I hope you find a great home study agency and get that completed ASAP.
    I love the providence on having enough for the first payment! :-) God is truly providing!!!