Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Himalayans: Mercedes and Dahlia

We have two female Himalayan cats, Mercedes and Dahlia. They are both going on 5 years old. We got them both during our first year of marriage. They are adorable, lazy, spoiled, and entitled.

Because Himalayans have such long hair, it is easy for their hair to get plenty knots, which soon turn matted if not combed out daily. So, every year we get them groomed professionally. This includes getting a shave that makes them look like lions!

Note: Colin also bathes them bimonthly...what a warrior!

Here is Mercedes before and after:

Dahlia before and after:

I think they lost 20 lbs. each!

Happy Monday!


  1. They both look pissed! but cute :)

  2. Lol. SO cute!!!! I love your cats! So vey pretty!
    My sister has a cat with a longer coat (not Himalayan) so I'll have to tell her about the idea of shaving her cat. It's a whole new look! :-)