Monday, November 28, 2011

Adoption Pre-Application

On November 7, Colin and I filled out our pre-application for adoption through All God's Children. I want to share with you all what the pre-application was like and also where we are at right now.

(Every time I write or talk about our adoption, I get so giddy!)

The reason for the pre-application is that the actual application costs $300, and if you don't qualify the first time sending it, you must pay again when you are ready to resubmit it. The pre-ap is completely optional, but we chose to begin with it, and are happy we did.

First of all, the general eligibility requirements are as follows:
  • We must be between 23 and 49 to adopt an infant. check
  • We must be married at least one year. check
  • We must have a positive net worth and an income of at least $10,000 per family member, including the adopted child. check
  • No felonies, all criminal history is reviewed and evaluated. none for us! check
  • Medical history is evaluated. colin had a tumor removed in 2007...waiting on a doctor's note to show it has not reappeared and that his quality of life or life span has not been diminished
The pre-ap was fairly simple to fill out. It asked basic information, such as contact information, occupation and income, past substance abuse or arrests, when we got married, and if we have current children or anyone else in our home.

In more detail we had to list our health information and we have since been given a worksheet to help determine our assets versus our liabilities, so we are certain we have a positive net worth. We are working on filling it out.

Then, we get to the adoption category. :) We stated that we are interested in an Ethiopian infant girl. We filled out that we would consider siblings under 4 years old. We are currently praying if we are meant to just adopt one baby or have the possibility of two open. It is a very tough decision...I will likely post on this topic down the road.

After we sent it in, we received a reply within a day or two. This is when we were given the financial worksheet and topics to think about.

We called the agency with a few questions. They were extremely helpful.

Basically, we are waiting to raise and save the first huge chunk of money that will be needed within the first three months (once we send in our application and are approved). $10,000.

If you would like to help us reach this goal, please visit our Etsy site:

We will make customized orders if you are interested in a particular bible verse on a necklace or any other requests!

All proceeds go directly into our adoption savings account. We are so thrilled to be on this journey and to include you in it! We have been very blessed with your support.

Love Always,


  1. Yay! You're making progress! This is so exciting!

  2. Congrats, and good luck! You're in my prayers *hugs*

  3. How exciting for you!!!