Sunday, November 20, 2011

With Love

Hi Friends,

Since making the decision to follow God's calling for us to adopt from Ethiopia on August 21st, we have been filled with a hope so profound. Our faith has been strengthened and expanded.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this incredible support network--blogging! I think it is just incredible that I can type over here in little town Wisconsin and reach YOU, many states, countries, and even continents away. I have felt your love through our struggles and through our triumphs.

Some of you have asked how you can help us at this moment and through our adoption. Here are two huge ways you can be a part of this miracle.

1) Pray. For us. For our paperwork process. For fundraising. For continued hope and strength. For Africa. For the birthparents. For our future little girl who is growing her way into our hearts. For orphans everywhere.

2) Purchase an item off our Etsy site: With Love For Africa. Colin and I have been handcrafting these items (jewelry, tambourines, keychains) for the last few months. There are many options--both for those who have a heart for Africa--and the general public. All items are $5-$20. Please think of us when purchasing Christmas gifts this year--every little bit helps and is a bigger blessing to us than we could ever express!

Thank you all so much for the supportive comments you have given through the years and last few months especially. They mean so much to me!



  1. Thank you for my fantastic necklace. Shop, bloggers, shop - these items are beautiful : )