Monday, July 30, 2012

Third Meeting With Our Homestudy Agency

Today, we had our third homestudy meeting!

It was our in-home visit.

We over-cleaned and over-prepared! When our social worker arrived, we gave her some of the paperwork we have been working on and did some brief catching up. Then we gave her a tour of our home. We had to show her our smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, fire escape plan, and fire extinguisher. Other than that, we were asked some questions about our community and what it may be like when we meet our children for the first time, and also when we bring them home.

It went wonderfully well!


We have our last homestudy visit scheduled for Monday, August 6th!

We have got to get working on our paperwork chase now--documents prepared by us and others.

Funny not-so-funny story. Last night, Colin and I were talking, and I was, you know, talking about how we needed to get going on our paperwork now that our education was all complete. And I went on and on and on. And I had this plan in my head that we would have it all done in 2 weeks.

We had just started working on some documents on our dossier disc last week, trying to get a head start. We woke up this morning to do more, and the disc was empty.


Like, not only our progress was erased but every document on the disc! We have no idea how that happened. So, we have been calling and e-mailing AGCI to see if they can quickly send us another disc or e-mail us the files needed for our dossier.

Oh boy, tell God your plans, and laugh, He will!


  1. So happy the home study went so well! And I'm glad you guys can find the 'funny' in those unexpected moments. :)

  2. That's a story for the journey! How FRUSTRATING!!!
    I hear you on the over-cleaning & over-preparing part. :) We (I) went nut-so cleaning in the closets, organizing the drawers, under the beds, cleaning the blinds, re-organizing the kitchen ... and all our SW did was come in and peek into the doorway of each room. AHHH! Oh well. Our house was clean ... we did enjoy that part. LOL
    Good luck on your meeting today! :-)