Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Exciting News!

Hello friends,

A few weeks ago I mentioned I have some exciting news to share with everyone. If you have been anticipating our big news, you will want to watch this video from Colin and me to you!

Note: You may want to pause the music at the bottom of my blog before watching the video.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hi all! I missed you dearly and look forward to catching up with everyone.

Colin and I flew out to Washington to visit his family September 4-9. It was a wonderful time and flew by, yet we felt like we were there for weeks at the same time. You know that feeling?

I have so much to share with everybody, but will have to start by sharing our trip.

Sunday morning. Before leaving for our flight out of Green Bay.

Up high in the sky. Green Bay to Minneapolis to Billings to Seattle/Tacoma.

I love AND dislove flying. Luckily Colin is very good at comforting me when turbulence hits.

I always enjoy seeing the plots of farmers' land high above.

And mountain, oh mountains, how I adore thee.

Colin and I were waiting upstairs so that we could surprise his brothers and their families. We snuck up on them, and boy, were they surprised!

Monday, we relaxed at the park and enjoyed a cookout at Andrew and Amy's house. 
Me with baby Ella- Colin's cousin's precious. She enjoyed my turquoise necklace.

Colin playing with Josiah, Ella's older brother.

Mount Rainier. LOVE.


Tuesday, we took a ferry boat to the San Juan Islands. I have a thing for ferry boats.
(Grey's Anatomy, anyone?)

Roche Harbor. Looking out towards Canada.

Beautiful ocean and mountain.

Top deck of the ferry, catching a breeze.

A heart hole in the cement. Meant to be.

We ate dinner at Rosario, a mansion on the water. I had clams and mussels in a white wine broth. Yum.

Wednesday- setting bakery goods up at the Puyallup fair and mexican food.
Daniel and Crissie- Colin's younger brother and our sister-in-law. Adorable.

Thursday- Pike Place Market in Seattle!
I would come here weekly if I could for fresh seafood, produce, and goods.

The Tasting Room wine tasting in Seattle. My first wine tasting experience. Jim (Colin's step-father), Maggie (Colin's mom), Amy (our sis-in-law), and me.

Loved it.

Of course we needed to visit a chocolate shoppe afterwards. Colin and I shared 4 truffles.

Maggie, Jim, Andrew (Colin's oldest bro), and Brian (Colin's second oldest bro). Watching the opening season Packer game.

Our niece, Mariesa.

 Our niece, Natalie.

Their mother, Amy, and our nephew, Caleb.

That's it! Packers won and we left for home the next day.

We flew first to San Jose, California. Guess what? Our plane had a leakage. So we got to stand in line for over 3 hours trying to rebook new flights to get home to Wisconsin. Finally, the plane was fixed, and the 15 of us passengers left over, boarded and flew to Minniapolis, where we stayed in a hotel and ate on Delta's money for the delay they caused. Finally, we flew back to Green Bay Saturday morning.

We are happy to be home. We love adventure and family, but we are homebodies to the core. Nothing beats the quiet, sights, and comfort of your own home.

And sleeping in your own bed. 'Night!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

There She Stands

Michael W. Smith- There She Stands
In remembrance of the victims of 9/11 and the heroes that helped and saved.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

To Washington or Bust

Mount Rainier, my favorite.

Hi all. :)

Today will be spent packing. Today will be spent shaking out my already-present nerves about leaving this state on three flights to Washington. Green Bay to Minneapolis to Billings to Seattle/Tacoma....and three flights back....Seattle/Tacoma to San Jose to Minneapolis to Green Bay. Today will be spent reassuring my himalayan kittens I love 'em and letting them know we hired cat sitters; no lie, a fellow police officer and her children are going to be stopping by from time to time to ward off any kitty blues.

We are going to be visiting Colin's family. Only his momma and step-dad know...shh...not his 3 brothers or nieces and nephew! Everyone is getting together at his mom's house, but we are still trying to figure out how to surprise them. Any suggestions??

If you live in WA, check out his family's bakery A Taste of Eden in Chehalis: . They always have goodies at farmer's markets as well. I'm pretty sure they said they are going to be at the Puyallup Fair next week.

Please pray for safe flights--we had a rickety one with loads of turbulence last time we flew, and I'm trying to scare away my anxiety for these ones.

Along with sharing tons of pictures from Washington upon my return, Colin and I have exciting news to share with everybody. No, not pregnancy news. However, here is a clue:

Sometimes on the way to the dream, you get lost and find a better one.

Blessings and Grace,