Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Cross

There were two prayer tents at Lifest. They each had several prayer activities that you could participate in if you chose to do so.

I was drawn to the cross.

The cross must have stood at least 12 feet tall. The activity was to write down on a piece of paper a burden or prayer. Then you could choose a nail and hammer it into the cross.

Hundreds of prayers were covering this cross.
Prayers from the broken and the bruised.
Because we all are.

We immediately knew we wanted to write a prayer for our adoption--that God would lead us to our children, and that He would keep them safe, healthy, and loved.

Colin nailing our prayer to the cross:

 We were drawn to the cross a second time. We knew we had to pray about what God was teaching us about His plan for us. To keep it vague while we are praying through what He has been revealing to us, He has been wrecking us.

Breaking our hearts for what breaks His.

And it hurts.
And it causes fear if we are not careful.
And it causes us to wonder in amazement why He is calling us to go.

Me, nailing our second prayer to the cross.

All we can say is, "Here we are. Send us."

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  1. Praying for you both! Thank you for being obedient to His call and being a fantastic example to so many!!