Sunday, July 7, 2013

How Did That Happen?!?

 Yes, I am pregnant!
The number one question people ask is, "How did that happen?!?" I'm sure most mommas-to-be aren't asked that question, but after Colin and I have been through over 6 years of infertility, it is a question on people's minds.
Colin's first response is always, "Well, you know, when a husband and a wife...." 
Physically, I was never told by a doctor that I could never get pregnant due to my PCOS (ovarian cysts), but I was told it would be very unlikely, especially without infertility treatments. I tried one unsuccessful round of clomid pills years ago and Colin and I both decided we did not want to proceed further with treatments for health, emotional, and religious reasons.
Last year, my cycles were dangerously irregular and heavy, and I was prescribed a year of birth control pills. After being on them for 8 months, I decided I needed a break due to them affecting my emotions and moods negatively, as well God doing a work in my heart after reading a blog post titled Should Christians Use Birth Control?, written by Mandy of Biblical Homemaking.
THE first month off of them, I became pregnant. The first month!
Underneath the infertility, we both know that God happened.
He arranged this in His perfect timing.
Baby is due on December 25th, Christmas Day. CHRISTMAS DAY!
Could God be any more clear that this was ALL Him?
We are so thankful and excited for our little miracle. We feel overly blessed right now. My heart is aching for all those still waiting for their little miracle. I am praying for you! Trust and believe.
I have so many words to write, so much to catch up on! Soon, very soon. If you have any questions for me about our journey, please ask, as I would love to answer! 
With Love,


  1. So SO SOOO excited for you both. God is good and His timing is perfect! Please know that I am praying for you!!

  2. Your story is so beautiful and exciting! I wonder what amazing miracles God has planned for you next... : )

  3. I'm completely and totally shocked and happy for you! Have I seriously been away from BlogWorld since THIS wonderful news?! Can't wait to catch up! :)