Thursday, July 11, 2013

Finding Out I Am Pregnant After SIX Years


After over six years of trying to grow our family biologically, I became pregnant.
In those six years, do you know how many pregnancy tests I went through?
(Some of you do!)
Much money wasted, many tears cried, and much pain and frustration.
About two years ago, I finally found some really cheap paper pregnancy tests through Amazon that I bought in bulk. Money saved.
During my 8 months on birth control pills, I never thought about them, as I never needed them. But, when I came off of them in March, I immediately thought about them. You know, 'just in case'.
Well, come to find out, they were expired by a month or so. What a great reason to use them up!
I used my first one on April 17th (when I would have been 4 weeks pregnant).
I STARED at it. Held it up to the light. Looked at it from all different angles.
Was that a....faint....very faint....very very faint....second line?!
I say to myself, "A line is a line is a line, right Jess?"
So, I get all excited. I get nervous. Then I remember that it was an expired test.
Keeping my special secret with much uncertainty of its reliability, I test on the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd!
The line progressively gets darker and is about even with the test line at this point.
My hopes are up, my doubts are still there, and I know I need to have an answer right away!
I buy way-too-expensive tests at Walgreen's--one with lines and one that is digital. The check-out woman is trying to talk me into signing up for some savings card, and I just want to scream at her, "Lady, please let me simply purchase my pregnancy tests so that I can go home and use them!"
I finally leave, finish up my day of work, and rush home to take them.
The one shows very clearly two equal lines, and the digital one shows the word: PREGNANT.
I immediately thank our Lord.
After all of these tests, I am still very shocked and almost still in a state of disbelief.
*I am 16 weeks pregnant now, and Colin and I are both still feeling disbelief and shock!*
At this point, I have about 4 more hours until Colin gets off of work.
And, the story will continue!


  1. Every time I hear more of the story it gets even better : ) Cannot wait to hear Colin's reaction.

    The disbelief never wears off by the way - my firstborn is six now and I still can't believe it!

  2. I can't believe that you didn't Colin straight away!! You are such a good secret keeper lol! I totally gt hey you did but I don't think I could've held out that long. And I totally get buying bulk tests and I'm glad you got to use them! Apparently the expired tests do work still, huh?! ;)