Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Sound

I had my very first doctor's appointment on April 25.
I had a LOT of blood drawn--6 or 7 vials I think. Wow. I also had a general physical and a urine sample taken.
I was given a copy of What To Expect When You're Expecting. It was a nice gift to receive, and I read it weekly to learn about what miracles my baby is experiencing! It sure is pure amazement--the life God creates throughout 9 months. He is so good.
I was so happy when I received a phone call that my tests all turned out normal and that my hormone levels were all showing that I was, indeed, pregnant. Every single confirmation helps! 
My very favorite confirmation has been an at-home doppler that I purchased. I found a Sonoline B doppler online on Amazon for $70. It was well-recommended in the reviews. The directions stated that it would be most effective in picking up the heartbeat after the first trimester, but some of the reviewers stated they found it earlier.
I received it somewhere between week 7 and week 8. Let me tell you--I tried every day, at least once!
 I was desperate to hear the sound of life inside of me.
Finally, on week 8, day 4 (May 19), I heard the most beautiful sound. My baby's heartbeat. I praised God immediately. It was in the 160s. Sweet sound.
In the beginning, it often took 5-20 minutes to find the heartbeat, because the baby was hiding so low. But now I find it immediately, and still listen every single day.
Another beautiful sound I have been hearing is baby kicks! My doppler picks up kicks and punches! And my little one is always very active. I still can't feel them quite yet, but the sound is so fun to hear.
I very, very highly recommend the purchase of an at-home doppler. Without it, I would have been even more of a nervous wreck!
I am praising God all the time for this miraculous blessing. 

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