Friday, July 12, 2013

Telling My Husband I Am Pregnant

My last post left off with me sharing how I found out I was pregnant.
At this point of my story, Colin has no clue I am pregnant, and no clue I had been testing for almost an entire week!
I had never before held back from him when I tested, and often, he would be the one I would send into the bathroom to read the test for me. Back when there seemed to be endless hope.
I desperately did not want to get Colin's hopes up this time if there was any chance the tests could be false positives. Infertility has affected him, too. In the past, we have both been crushed time and time again when we were so sure the tests would be positive.
After 8 positive tests that gradually increased my assurance, I felt ready. In fact, I felt ready to burst!
I researched fun ways to tell him. I wondered what his reaction would be. I glowed with anticipation.
I had 4 hours to wait to tell my man he was going to become a daddy!
I picked him up from work that night, because we were sharing a car due to a minor car accident and a new car on order. I had thought about telling him in the car--then I thought no, I wanted to be able to see his face the whole time, and I was driving.
I was SO nervous. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was shaky!
So, we got home a little bit after 9 pm. I let him get out of his uniform and get comfortable. Walking into the kitchen, he was in a hurry to heat up his dinner.
I was sitting on our chaise chair and told him to sit by me for a minute. I think he started to get a little suspicious that something was up.
I told him to close his eyes and hold out his hands.
*I SO wanted to film this, but I knew he would notice the camera wherever I put it!*
At this point, he tells me later, he thought I was being silly, and we simply sold an Etsy item.
I placed the last two pregnancy tests in his hands. His eyes immediately opened! His jaw dropped. He stared at them. He looked at me. He stared at them.
He said, "Are you serious?!?" At least 5 times, I am sure.
I said, "I'm pregnant!"
We laughed.
We giggled over thoughts of our whole story--the years praying for this moment.
Today, we are still giggling! We still laugh in shock. We get surprised by my growing belly.
It feels like a dream.


  1. Just catching up on your latest posts! So excited about your sweet little Christmas miracle on the way! Praise God!!!

  2. I could totally picture this! You picking Colin up, being nervous the whole way home and him taking off his uniform to relax at home........ And for you to tell him he's going to be a daddy and you'll be a mommy and a family of three! I love these posts!

  3. This is a FANTASTIC story!!! I can just see it happening!!! :-D

  4. Reading this with tears of happiness for you!