Thursday, July 18, 2013

My First Trimester

My first trimester...a phrase I never thought would be a topic for a blog post! I am so grateful to the Lord for providing me with this miraculous experience of pregnancy. He gets all of the glory!

Because there was a long wait in us telling most family and friends, I have been slow in keeping my blog up-to-date. Without further adieu...

1-13 (March 27-June 25)
Baby's size:
In 13 weeks, our baby transitioned from nonexistent, to a single cell, to the size of a peach! At 13 weeks, baby was about 3 inches long from head to rump.
Nausea from week 7 to about week 13. Eating was such a chore! But, God blessed me with no vomiting. Hallelujah!

Tiredness during weeks 7-13. After work, I just had to come home and crash on the bed for a little while. And on special days, I would take 3 hour naps! And still sleep very well at night. No insomnia here.

Sore breasts
Frequent urination
Cramps and twinges
No cravings. If anything--cold, cold water always tasted so good!

Honestly, most foods. In particular, bell peppers and balsamic vinegar. Colin makes a wonderful pasta dish with all kinds of veggies, balsamic vinegar, and parmesan cheese. I just could not touch it! Ew.
Best Moments:
 Hearing my baby's heartbeat. And seeing our baby jumping around during a surprise ultrasound!
Looking Forward To:
Feeling little baby kicks and punches. Our gender ultrasound! Everything.

WEEK 12:

WEEK 13:



  1. I can't believe you are already done your first trimester now. Wow! It really does go by so fast, doesn't it? Also, it's really miraculous how much that baby grows in the first tri! Well, the whole thing is miraculous actually!
    So gender ultrasound?! Does this mean you and Colin are finding out?? When do we get to play the name game? :) hope you've been feeling well. Yay for no vomiting. That's just about my worst nightmare!!

  2. Such great updates! I'm reading blog posts backwards (way far behind) ... but I'm glad you're feeling good and resting and napping too!