Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So Proud

My love, Colin, got his official job offer last Friday!!
I am so excited for him, and for us as a family. I have been wanting to move for quite some time, and feel so lucky that God chose NOW as the time. The circumstances are perfectly lined up--only God could have arranged for all of our blessings to happen all at once.
Colin will start his new employment on July 15th. Please pray for his transition.
Colin will be living with my parents on and off for at least two weeks, and likely even longer. This will be temporary, but is necessary until we buy a house and close on it.
It will be difficult living alone for this time. I love alone time, but I love Colin more! Way more! He is my best friend, and it will be sad to not sleep next to him every night.
He will be spending his days off with me when two or more line up...maybe it will feel like we are dating all over again! :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Colin & to you on the new job and new path you are heading down! :-D This is so exciting!!!
    I hope the time apart goes quickly. It is hard to miss your spouse and be away from them. But that'll just give you more free time to pack for the move??!? :)

  2. Rediscovering the joys of distance relationships (how special each phone call becomes, telling each other about you different days) but also knowing that soon you will be together in your own new home! Very exciting times. Congrats to Colin on his new job : )