Saturday, April 7, 2012

Praying Through Pre-Adoption Day 7 and 8

Happy Easter everyone!

Today, we are praying with and for past and present orphans with The Orphans' Easter Prayer. It was written in an e-mail we received from All God's Children, our adoption agency.

Dear Lord,
Thank You, our Father on this Easter Day
For the love that you shared, the gift that you gave.
We really don’t know what we would have done,
If you hadn’t planned Easter and sent us “Your Son.”
In the fields of despair we all would have stayed,
Lost and alone…and, oh so afraid.
Helpless and hungry, begging for bread,
Longing for love, so weak and distressed.
Thank you for hearing each “orphan prayer” said,
For the promises you whispered, the hope that you sent.
On this Easter morning we rejoice and we pray,
For the families you sent us, and the ones on their way.
For those who give care and bestow gifts of love,
For others who come to help and share hugs!
Our Father in Heaven we ask in your name,
Please watch over the orphans needing help and who wait.
Please fill up their hearts with Your Hope and Your Strength,
Bless all your orphaned children on This Holy Easter Day.
Rejoicing Together This Day!
With Love,
Your Children...
...who are orphan’s no more!

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