Monday, September 10, 2012

Milwaukee Zoo and Ethiopian Cottage

On Friday, Colin and I drove to Milwaukee to finish up our dossier documents--we visited a friend who wrote one of our recommendation letters. We went with her to get the document notarized.
Other than our USCIS favorable determination letter and fingerprinting (which can't be done until we have a copy of our homestudy and no longer needs to be done before we can get onto the waitlist), we are done with paperwork! Unless, of course, a mistake is found on one of our completed documents. We are just waiting for Colin's Washington state background check to be completed and our homestudy will be done--then we can start gathering all our documents and mailing them to AGCI!
My heart is bursting! I am finding it so difficult to not put a timeframe on when we will be put on the waiting list. Not mine, but God's timing.
After we met with our friend, Colin took me on a date to the Milwaukee County Zoo! We had a blast. It rained through half of our visit, but cuddling under an umbrella made it sweet. Here are some pictures of our favorite animals:
Gorilla Eating Cardboard

Orangutan Showing Off

Bear Sleeping In Hammock

Beautiful Giraffes

My Favorite Of The Day, Hilarious Elephants


After the zoo, Colin and I went to the restaurant Ethiopian Cottage in Milwaukee. This was our second visit. The smells of the spices as soon as you open the door were so comforting to me. Along with the smell of diesel, I have heard this is what you smell when you get off the plane in Ethiopia!
We decided to try Buna (Ethiopian coffee). The restaurant brings in the beans unprocessed, and roasts and grinds them fresh every day. Coffee is served in a clay Jebbena pot to help you experience the complex flavors. It is a ritual in Ethiopia to have coffee and popcorn after a meal.
It was a lovely day, filled with some of my favorite things. I thought about our child/ren often and what it will be like when we can bring them to the zoo or to an Ethiopian restauant.
Beautiful daydreaming.


  1. Keep dreaming your beautiful dreams - one day you will have someone with you who will love to hear that you dreamed about them!

  2. What great photos (and hilarious animals!!)!!! I can't wait to have you bring the kiddos to have fun at the zoo. It will be a BLAST!