Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Enkutatash!

Happy Ethiopian New Year!
On Sunday we were invited to celebrate the Ethiopian New Year with several Ethiopian adoptive families. It is such a blessing to be involved in a group like this, and it will be particularly important once our child/ren are home. It will be vital for their identity to have connections with other children born in Ethiopia.
Most of the families at the group already had their children home. It was beautiful seeing them all play together. Everyone brought an Ethiopian dish to share. It was interesting to notice how the children who were adopted at an older age really connected with the food from Ethiopia--injera, beef tibs, and doro wat--and the berbere seasoning.
We both had so much fun and learned so much from the other families. Most important advice: God has a plan. Have patience in the wait. When your child/ren are home, none of these difficult times will matter.
Explanation of Enkutatash as found on Paradise Ethiopia:
Literally meaning ‘a finger jewel gift’, Enkutatash recalls the gifts given to the eminent Queen of Sheba when she was welcomed home after visiting King Solomon. The festival has been celebrated as the rains come to an abrupt end since very early times and dancing and singing can be heard in every village across the green countryside.
The Ethiopian New Year falls on September 11th, just as the sun begins to shine all day again. The atmosphere is one of dazzling clarity and freshness and the highlands turn to gold as the Meskel flowers burst into bloom. Children, dressed up in their new clothes, sing and dance through the villages and give bouquets of flowers and painted drawings to each household which convey the spring-time message of a renewed life.

Enkutatash can be celebrated in Addis, Gondar, Axum or Mekele, but it is a splendid occasion in every town and village across the country.

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  1. So neat! Thanks for sharing this holiday! And I'm so glad for the fellowship with your group of fellow Adopted-from-Ethopia families!