Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Home Study En Route!

We got a call today from our homestudy agency social worker saying that the rough draft of our homestudy is on its way to All God's Children International in Oregon!
This is news to celebrate! God honors bold prayers!
Now we wait for AGCI to receive it, look it over, and make corrections. We also have a copy of it to make corrections on. Then AGCI will send it back to our social worker, she'll make the needed corrections, and then give the finalized copy to us.
And THEN, we can fill out our application to U.S. Customs and mail our completed dossier to AGCI. And pray for no changes needed to be made to our dossier documents.
Once AGCI approves of our dossier, we will be put on the waiting list!
Excitement is creeping in............


  1. Be bold! So pleased to hear about this big step forward.

  2. AWESOME!!!!! I love the excitement ... you ARE getting close!!!

  3. Wonderful news!! And I LOVE that pic! :)

  4. I can only imagine how excited you must be!! Praise God. I will continue to pray!!!! : )

  5. Amazing news! The waiting list is right around the corner!

  6. So excited for you guys!!! We'll be praying that your paperwork goes through unimpeded. Blessings!