Monday, February 25, 2013

letters from Dominic

Last week we received a letter from our Dominic in Kenya. This is what we learned about our boy:
My name means I was named after my uncle.
I am the 1st child in my family.
I am 117 centimeters tall.
The color of my hair is black.
The color of my eyes is white and grey.
One thing I do really well is painting.
The thing I enjoy doing is looking after cattle.
When I grow up I want to be a policeman.
Message to my sponsor: Receive lovely greetings from your sponsored child from Kenya, Dominic. He says he is doing well and his family too are doing well. Dominic says he loves singing praises to God and he loves you very much. Dominic says in Kenya it currently is very hot and there is no rain. He says he loves looking after cattle and he also loves drawing. God bless you.
Our Dominic wants to be a policeman! My Colin is a policeman. :)
Dominic drew us some fun pictures:
He is too darling!


  1. What a sweet letter from such a sweet little boy. :)

  2. Love the pic! And what a sign that he wants to be an officer like Colin is! Love it. :)

  3. Now THAT is some God-incidence in linking your families together!! SUPER neat!!!