Monday, February 18, 2013

birthday twenty-eight

I was an almost-Valentine baby. My mom tells me I was just about born in the car! I am her second of two children, and she wanted to wait until the. last. minute. to go to the hospital. She did, and she barely made it.
I turned 28 years old on February 13th!
I celebrated with my best friend, Colin. He served me my choice of breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes and crispy bacon with Ethiopian coffee.
Later, we did wine and cheese tasting and Colin took me to dinner at an Italian restaurant.
We came home and watched Trade of Innocents--a movie about human trafficking that takes place in Cambodia. Not exactly your typical birthday movie, but I am not your typical girl, I suppose. I certainly recommend this movie to you.
A special gift was in my mailbox that day. A little bit ago, I won a giveaway on Give1Save1. A beautiful necklace made by Eager Hands. The necklace says WAITING with an Africa on it.

It was a sweet gift on my first birthday officially waiting. I thought about our little girl/s. It was a blessed gift from God to receive it on my birthday, when I am missing our children so hard.
God. Is. Good.


  1. Happy belated birthday!! Sorry I missed it last week! :( I'm just getting caught up on your posts now. Sounds like you had a lovely day with colin. Your breakfast sounds yummy! I love that necklace!

  2. Happy, Happy belated Birthday!!!!!
    What a wonderful gift that God sent at just the right time ... that necklace is beautiful!