Monday, February 4, 2013


She is in my heart
But she is not yet in my arms
She is growing--
In this heart of mine, bursting
As others' arms fill up with baby love
And mine are left, empty
I cradle her in my heart
She is in my home--
Her clothes, tiny shoes, a soft blanket
Her country--
Aromas of coffee, tea, berbere
Aromas of LOVE
I sit
No cries to tend to
No bottles to feed
No curls to feel
No cheeks to kiss
My heart swells
with HOPE
with FAITH
with LOVE
I may not physically meet her for far more days than I want to consider
But my heart has met thoughts have met her
In Ethiopia
I am not daughterless.
She is here.
She is not growing under my heart, but in it.
She is here.
She is everywhere.
She is here.


  1. Peace and love and hope... may they be yours every day. You are waiting to meet her but she is on her way!

  2. Beautiful!! I love the pic too! And are those Tiny Toms?? Love them! Xoxo

  3. Love the picture of those tiny shoes! And the post, so sweet!

  4. Simply Beautiful!!! I can feel your longing to be with your daughter(s). I am glad she is with you in your heart!

  5. Thank you for your comment! The journey to motherhood is quite an experience. I'm so thankful for our Blogs and the chance to connect with other mommies-to-be! :)