Sunday, February 10, 2013

hope that shines

African Harrier Hawk
God gave me a thing for hawks.
Since the start of our Ethiopian adoption process, God gives me hawks. It is always while Colin or I am driving.
We/I will be listening to music and we will notice them perched up high in trees along the road. Sometimes they will be flying, but typically, they are in trees. And I always get the overwhelming sensation they were sent by God for me.
Usually, there will be at least two hawks on my drive, but this last Friday? 17. 17!
Perhaps it has been about a year ago I started seeing these hawks, maybe more. Colin and I have always wondered what they represent--why God placed them into our lives. Certainly before our adoption process, I never noticed one hawk, not one! I noticed plenty of crows, a few bald eagles, and several other types of birds.
Why hawks? And why now?
I found a neat description of a hawk that hit me as powerful:
Protecting and guiding, I am the messenger of hope that shines
My keen sense of vision is a beacon in time
Overseeing everything you dreamt about, believed with your heart, or once thought
I am the beauty within us all
I am the hawk
And so I stare at the beauty of the hawk and thank God for His message to me, of hope that shines.
What do you think the hawks represent?


  1. Wow! 17 hawks? I hope that means your adoption process is speeding up!!! Hawks are so majestic. What a beautiful, reassuring sign!

  2. I love this! God has used blue birds for me in our adoption journey. I feel like He allows me to see them at just the right moment to remind me of His faithfulness.