Thursday, August 30, 2012

Special Gifts From A Special Man

As you know, lately I have been feeling pain from losses in adoption. I have been feeling removed from the fact that there will be a precious child/ren joining our family in a couple of years.
I want to feel connected, but it is difficult.
Today, I got home from work and saw this:

A gift bag that says BABY.
I opened the gift with Colin by my side, and found these:

A pair of beautiful TOMS shoes! For each pair of Toms bought, one pair is given to a child in Africa!
These specific shoes have very special meaning to me. I can't reveal it until we are on the waiting list!
Hiding underneath my Toms, was this:

A sweet clothing set of a brown dress with pink polka dots, pink leggings, and a white onesy with a bow on it!
Yes, I realize this reveals a bit about our parameters, but I just HAD to share my excitement with you!
Colin knew I needed something to grasp the reality that we ARE going to be parents. I am so thankful for a thoughtful husband. He knows me. He gets me. I am quite blessed.
He asked if it was okay if he did this from time to time--surprised me with a small 'baby shower gift' for our child/ren. Um, yes please!
Looking at this dress makes me imagine little baby toes, little baby fingers, big brown eyes, and curly hair with a bow in it. I can almost feel her.


  1. Love the shoes - Love the outfit - LOVE that he knows you... and knows how to encourage you!! You are so blessed!

  2. Beautiful - both the tangible gifts, and the love behind them!

  3. Crying here! Your husband is SO SWEET!!! What a thoughtful, amazing father he is going to be!