Saturday, June 23, 2012

Passport Application In!

Every week, we get so excited when we can check off one or several things from our list of adoption paperwork. One more step closer to our babies.

Wednesday, Colin's birthday, we applied for our passports!

It was a simple process of filling out paperwork at the Clerk of Courts. However, it could take one to several months to be approved. These and our FBI background checks will take the longest to be returned, and we need them back for our dossier in order to send it off and be officially 'waiting'.

By the end of today, we will likely have our education reading and worksheets done that are required for our home study agency.

However, we still have to complete the education requirements for AGCI. We have 10 chapters of With Eyes Wide Open left and 7 online courses.


On a side note, Colin's birthday was wonderful. It was super hot--mid-90s--so we decided to see a movie, The Avengers, and have lunch at Wild Truffle, a favorite Italian restaurant in Appleton.

The next day, our friends Duane and Sherri invited us to join them on the Chain of Lakes for Sherri's birthday, as they rented a pontoon boat for all of us! It was so peaceful to be out on the lakes in the early evening. Very lovely.


  1. Things are just moving right along!

  2. Our FBI clearances came back sooner than I'd thought they would. I hope they will for you too! :-) I'm so glad things are falling in line for you!