Monday, June 4, 2012

Authorizations, Fingerprinting, Questionnaires, Oh My!

We had a busy day today!

We completed:
-Fee agreement
-Release for transunion
-Authorization for records check
-Background information disclosure
-Adoptive Parent Questionnaire
-SAFE 1 Questionnaire
-International services agreement
-Ordering certified birth certificates and marriage licences

All for our home study agency. More to come. :)

We are feeling....a little bit overwhelmed at all we have to do within the next six months. A lot of paperwork, notarization, reading, education, etc.

But, us being parents at the end? SOOOoooo worth every detail.


  1. I remember that adopting my son took so much time and effort...with all that paperwork and everything else. It was all definitely worth it!!! If you are interested, offers a lot of great advice for adoptive parents. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Isn't it CRAZY just how much work (paperwork, reading, etc) you have to do to be parents when others take it for granted (like the stoned girl who drove off with her baby on top of the car ... major headlines)? Ugh.
    I guess we are just called to be WAY-SUPER-AWESOME parents ... and for us it just takes more work. Think of how ahead of the curve we are. :-) It will be SO rewarding to hold your babies in your arms!!! I totally agree.

  3. Good work guys! Thus just shows how dedicated and committed you are. :)