Monday, June 18, 2012


Colin and I were at Target today searching for a baby shower gift and card and for a wedding card for family and friends.

Well, we just "happened" to walk by the shoe section and I saw these sandals in the picture above. They are BuyambaSoles brand, and are made with paper beads!

The paper beads are made by women in Uganda, and are very likely the same ones we purchase to make our Etsy jewelry. I was just flabbergasted that Target would sell these! Awesome!

Colin, my sweetheart, purchased two pairs for me. What a husband.

I did some research when we got home and found the website for BuyambaSoles. The company hopes to establish a sustainable work environment for the women that make these beautiful beads that adorn the footwear.

In addition to this, a portion of the proceeds goes to Buyamba Uganda, which supports over a thousand students in their Nursery/Primary school and high school programs.

From what I have seen on their site, their sandals are only sold at Target. They are $13.99 a pair. I think that is a spectacular deal for a spectacular cause!

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