Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Hey ya'll.

I am so thankful to be back on blogger...our laptop got a virus! I think we actually got it through another blog site, and unfortunately we didn't have an antivirus software, so, our computer got sick. But, the Geek Squad (a.k.a. Best Buy) fixed it up, and it is all happy now. I can't wait to catch up with all of you!

Before I forget, I wanted to respond to a question I was asked about my husband's job as a police officer. I was asked if I worry for his safety. Sure, I do. Not daily, but when Colin tells me stories about him having to draw his gun or break down doors, the reality sets in that his is a very dangerous job. When I did the ride-a-long last week, he brought along another bulletproof vest 'just in case' for me. I'm not sure if that comforted me or scared me.

It is CD 43 and still no AF. And, I haven't even tested yet! How crazy am I?!? I don't have any tests at home, and I think I would rather get a BFN by waiting for AF than testing and getting only one line or a vicious 'NOT PREGNANT' read on the tester yet again. Even Colin is jaded. A couple of days ago he said that we should just wait another week before testing. He used to get so excited if I was late...putting his hand on my belly...asking me if I had any signs of pregnancy...the light in his eyes. That was four years ago. I want so badly to give him that excitement again. Please God. Someday.


  1. Oh wow...no AF yet and you haven't tested!? I admire your restraint, but completely understand where you're coming from. I so so hope this is it for you!

  2. Wow, is right! No AF yet and no testing? Hopefully its late for a reason!

    I, hate to admit, was a testing junkie. Its hard to believe i'll never pee on a stick again.

  3. That is a long wait. I don't know that I could wait. Do you track ovulation, what are your odds this month?

  4. Viruses can be so nasty... glad you've clearer it. I hope that your husband's excitement comes back... IF is a long, hard and taxing journey :( Love to you always xoxo

  5. So glad you have that nasty virus cleared up! I missed ya! I know what you mean about not testing. It's just so disappointing. I am praying that the excitement returns for you! Thank you for all of the sweet and positive comments you leave on my blog. It means a lot to me! Hope things are looking up today!