Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi you guys!

Doesn't "April" just sound so wonderful? It emits a sound of spring to me. In April in Wisconsin, we LOOK FORWARD to spring. As much as I love snow for Christmas, when it is still hanging around in April, I do not like it. And there is STILL a little bit in our forecast for this week. Temperatures are holding out in the 30s and 40s for highs. I don't know about you, but I am READY for sun and sandals. I am READY to have the windows wide open. I am READY for grilling out, hiking, and fishing! Bring on spring and summer!

I just got done polishing off a bowl of vegetable chili Colin made for me and a glass of blush wine. This last week I have had an awful cold I caught at work. Colin has been SO sweet to me, taking over the household chores, grocery shopping, cooking, and just taking care of me. He really is the best husband God could have paired me with. I love him so much.

On a funny note, my older cat of two himalayans, Mercedes, was diagnosed with stress. Ha! Colin took her into the vet this week. We thought she may have a UTI because for the last month or so, she has been peeing in the bathtub or on a blanket on our couch a few times a week. Well, I started my new job a little over a month ago, working 3rd shift full-time after having 3 months off. The doc said she didn't have a UTI, but her urine was concentrated and she had high levels of some chemical that indicated she was stressed! Poor kitty. So, we've just been feeding her food that's great for her urinary health and giving her extra lovin' and attention.


  1. That's adorable! She misses her mommy :)

    Hope you feel better soon! I agree, April is like a fresh start...

  2. Cute kitty!! I love animals. Hope she gets better soon and that you do too. How are you feeling? I also LOVE spring and am excited that the weather is warming up finally. Goodbye snow! I am so with you on this one. How have you been with TTC? Are things going okay?

  3. Ah, poor kitty! Our dog is stressed - didn't like moving to a new place, much, and keeps pooping under the basement stairs! :(

  4. Your cat looks gorgeous... she must love you so much :) Sorry to hear that she hasn't been well... sounds like lots of TLC will help :)) Thanks for following my blog... here to share the IF journey with you xoxo

  5. Awe. Poor cat. We have had similar problems with one of our dogs lately I've been working at an office that is an hour away and thus am gone 2 or more extra hours a day. He won't use the bathroom unless I'm home, so he has gotten a UTI from it.

    Hopefully the extra attention will cure her.