Thursday, August 15, 2013

Weeks 18-21

18-21 (July 24-August 20)
Baby's Size:
Baby girl has grown from 5 1/2 inches long to 7 inches, head to rump. Baby has gone from about 5 oz to 11 oz in weight.
A growing belly! And round ligament pain.
Nothing new.
Best Moments:
Having our 20 week ultrasound and finding that baby is healthy and baby is a girl!!
Seeing our baby girl's beautiful face on our ultrasound.
Reaching 20 weeks...I am over halfway through pregnancy already.
Feeling baby girl kicking away! When I turned 19 weeks, I started feeling her move daily.
Looking Forward To:
Solidifying a name! It is going to be a secret until baby girl is born. :)
Colin feeling the baby's movements!
WEEK 18:

WEEK 19:

WEEK 20:

WEEK 21:

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