Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nine Months Dreaming

We have been on the waitlist to adopt for 9 months yesterday!
9 months...this mama should be ready to pop!
A question Colin and I often get asked is, "What if you got THE call today?!?"
1) That wouldn't be able to happen, because of our pregnancy.
2) Aside from our pregnancy, that would be very, very, very unlikely to happen because of our limited parameters. And the long list of families above us (somewhere between 100 and 120 or so).
3) If it DID happen, we would be ecstatic!
Waiting for 9 months-the length of a pregnancy-feels like a good amount of time to become prepared for an adoption. Our hearts are feeling prepared. Our brains are soaking up as much information as they can. Our arms are surely prepared to hug and to hold.
But, this mama and daddy are going to have several more years to prepare for our little Ethiopian love. I know that God wants it this way! He knows exactly how much longer we will be waiting.
And, we are thrilled that our little love will have an older brother or sister to play with!

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  1. God's timing is simply perfect, isn't it? :-D
    Congrats on your little girl! (I think I read & didn't reply to that post on my phone. Oops!)