Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Miracle

Back in July, Colin received a job offer with a new police department. We have been so very excited for this new transition, especially because it meant a move from our apartment to a house, and a move from 3 1/2 hours away from my family to just 45 minutes away.
Colin started his new job the middle of July. He loves it! But, he has been having to commute either to and from my parents' house on days he works, or to and from our current city on days he has off.
We have been searching so hard for a house! At one point, we even had a secondary offer on a house that we thought was 'the one'. We were told the owners were going to bump us to the primary offer, because they preferred our offer, but in the end, they gave the others' offer 72 hours to come through on financing/contingencies, and they pulled through and closed on the house.
We looked at more than 15 houses, but none of them felt like home. The good ones were sold before we could even schedule a showing, and the bad ones? Well, some of them were bad!
One of Colin's co-workers learned of our struggles finding a house, and told us he had friends that were selling their house.
His friends turned out to be assistant pastor and wife of the church we used to attend and planned on attending once we moved!! We do not know them personally, but this got us excited.
We got their number and found out that their house was not yet on the market, but was going to be. It was perfectly in our price range, and had the features we were needing and had hoped for. So, we scheduled a time to tour the house the day it hit the market, last Tuesday. We knew that we had to move quickly, because of how fast the nice homes were moving.
That afternoon, our realtor opened the door to their house. We both knew. We felt a connection. A sense of home.
There is something special about knowing who the people are living in the house. I don't mean knowing them personally, but I mean knowing they share your faith. Knowing there are little ones running around the house, being brought up to love Jesus and love people.
We put an offer in that day. We found out the next day that our offer was accepted!
We are so very happy. So very thankful. So very excited to move in. And so very thrilled to be able to start on our baby girl's nursery!!
The closing date is September 27th. So, we will have plenty of time to pack and get everything set up. A little bit more commuting for Colin, and a little bit more boredom for me (being all alone is getting tough). But, the tough is going to be so worth it!
We have felt entirely blessed this year.
Friends, when you feel worn, when you feel the stress of unanswered prayers, hold on to Jesus. Run to Him. He has better plans for you than you are planning for yourself. He loves you and will give you the best! Take joy in the wait. Rest in Him.


  1. Fantastic news - can't wait to hear more about your new home!

  2. YAY!!! This is so exciting! I know what you mean when you say you "KNEW" it was the house for you. :-) Have fun packing and unpacking. You shouldn't have to move much stuff yourself. My DH said that it was best that I directed traffic so people knew where to put all the boxes & furniture. Can't wait for pictures!

  3. I love all
    This fabulous news. Funny now everything seemed to fall into place all at once huh? ;)