Wednesday, March 6, 2013

what will I say to her?

some wonder about the first word their child will speak. will it be mama? will it be dada?
today I wonder--what will be the first words I speak to my daughter/s?
she will be placed in my arms.
our eyes will meet.
there may be fear. there may be hesitation.
she will not know me.
but I...I have been dreaming about her for years.
I will have seen pictures of my beauty. I will study them and I will know her features as best as I can on paper. she will be seeing me for the first time.
she will hear my voice for the first time.
what will I say to her?
what will I say to my darling I have waited and longed for?
what will she hear in my voice?
will she hear love?
will she hear the heart of her mama?
will she hear how long I have yearned for her?
will she be frightened?
or will she relax into my chest?
will I be able to speak all the words I have stored up for her?
will I be able to speak at all?


  1. You will know what to say ... And it will be perfect. <3

  2. She will know she is so loved. Maybe not immediately, but the understanding will grow every day! I can't help picturing how amazed she will be when she's older and she reads these words, knowing how much you both loved her even before you met her.

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    Matthew Lee