Tuesday, March 5, 2013

love for Africa jewelry

My police officer husband makes jewelry. Yes, it's true. The secret is out. And he is GREAT at it!
We opened our Etsy shop on September 23, 2011. The month prior is when we made the God-called decision to adoption from Ethiopia. We opened the shop to fundraise for our adoption. 100% of sales go straight into our adoption account. We have had 199 Etsy sales since then!
We started making jewelry not knowing what we were doing and not really having a focus. Since then, our shop has really evolved into a 'love for Africa' jewelry shop.
Colin has told me that God breathes ideas into him for our jewelry. Most of our products are hand-carved and hand-burned wood pieces made by Colin. I want to show you some of his newest creations.

We thank all who have prayed for us or purchased from us. Our adoption is a reflection of a God-sized love from people all over the world. If you have any ideas for jewelry or requests, please share!


  1. What an amazing talent. And such inspiration goes into each piece. Love it!