Monday, October 15, 2012

Special Gifts #2

In August, Colin began a sweet tradition of surprising me with a special gift for our baby!
My sweetheart knows that sometimes I feel disconnected from our child/ren with our long adoption process. So he decided that from time to time, he would surpise me with a gift for our little one.
Last week, he picked out some adorable pajamas and a sweet dress! Colin is a great shopper. Our girl is going to have a full closet by the time she arrives!
It is very difficult picking out clothing for a little girl who you have no solid idea of what age she will be when she arrives home, let alone what size she will be. We are going to start with buying clothing we think will be too big for her, and then we can always add smaller clothing when we receive our referral and have a better idea.
Are you ready to see the gifts?!?
Here they are:
Two sets of pajamas (one with a ballerina elephant and the other with hearts)

 Pretty dress!

I can picture our beauty in her pajamas before bedtime. I imagine her in the dress during a cool Wisconsin fall, playing in leaves.
Someday, you may see a picture of our little girl wearing one of these outfits!


  1. Awww Colin. :) so sweet. Love the outfits and I def can't wait to see pics of your kids wearing these outfits!

  2. Beautiful! Colin has very good taste! What an awesome way to feel connected to your future daughter!

  3. I love the cute little girl outfits! And I love even more that her daddy picked them out for her! You snagged a GREAT MAN there, Jess!!!!
    Looking at your timeline on your sidebar, I can't believe it has been over a year since you started the process. Such patience it takes, but it is SO worth it ... I promise you that. Hang in there! I continue to pray for you both.

  4. Oh my goodness those are adorable!! That elephant is so cute! And what a brilliant idea, I love it!