Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And or Hulatt?


I think it is due time for an adoption update, don't you think?!?

Amharic is the primary language of Ethiopia. It is made up of Fidel, or, characters to represent a consonant and vowel combination. It is a very interesting language, and I am excited to learn by starting with the basics!

Unfortunately, I don't have the symbols for these words to paste for you, but 'And' represents one, while 'hulatt' represents two.

So, in english, the title of my post is 'One or two?' What am I referring to, you ask? 

One or two children!

In our post I wrote in November about our adoption pre-application with All God's Children, I said....

"We stated that we are interested in an Ethiopian infant girl. We filled out that we would consider siblings under 4 years old. We are currently praying if we are meant to just adopt one baby or have the possibility of two open. It is a very tough decision...I will likely post on this topic down the road."

Well, here is my post! And, the verdict....we are still praying. :) We would really appreciate prayers about this topic! Colin and I feel called to adopt an infant girl, but we are heavily pondering a sibling group of two. We know we will be blessed either path God shows us!

After talking to All God's Children, we know that adopting siblings would be cost-effective (although this would surely not be the only reason we would do it). How sweet would it be to bring orphaned siblings into one loving home together? It is beautiful to think about the possibilities of an older brother, or perhaps two sweet sisters, or twins!

On the other side of the topic, Colin has never changed a diaper or fed a bottle. But, I know he will be a fantastic daddy. He is a quick learner and has a heart SO big! I feel like we need to purchase some parenting books for both of us ASAP- ha!

When we fill out the actual application, we can also choose to be on both the infant girl waiting list and siblings list. Then, whatever list we get down to #1 quickest is the one we will receive a referral for.

Praying, praying, praying!

We have had a 'goal' of sorts to send in our application and begin our paperwork and home studies, etc. within the first 6 months of 2012. Prayerfully, we are feeling May! I can't explain it, it is just in my head and in my heart. This is another thing we are praying for much guidance on.

Half of me says, "We need to get on the waiting list!" and the other half says, "Whoa. We are going to finally become parents. Wow."

And whoever welcomes
a little child like this
in my name
welcomes Me.
~Matthew 18:5


  1. That's a big choice to make, but ultimately God will lead you to exactly where He wants you to be. I will be praying for you guys as you make that decision! You both will be great parents...just stay focused on the Lord! He's got your back! :)

  2. I say go for both lists. :) you are doing amazing thing either way and whichever one is meant to happen,will!!

  3. God will guide you and give you the family you are meant to have. This is so exciting! I can't wait to hear more about the progress you're making. I will continue to pray for you and Colin. Before you know it, he will be a pro at changing diapers.

  4. I've been praying for your discernment and will continue to do so. I agree with Good Timing ... join both lists. God is a great decision maker! :-)

  5. Hey girl! Go check out my blog post from today when you have a chance! :) :) :)