Friday, July 15, 2011

TTC Timeline

Background: I have always had irregular cycles. More often than not, my periods had seemed to last forever, and they were usually quite heavy. I had never been on birth control. I had always had a strong feeling I may not be able to get pregnant.

January 2007: We got married at 21 and 'foolishly' experimented with 'not not trying'. We weren't yearning to get pregnant, in fact we knew we weren't ready financially or perhaps, emotionally. But, we refused contraception for a variety of reasons. Turns out, the foolishness of it all was thrown out the window.

End of 2007: We started to get our hopes up that it would happen soon and began to wonder why it hadn't happened yet.

Summer of 2009: We visited a family doctor who proceeded to talk us out of pursuing treatments/further help. She explained that we were young and healthy and that we had to give these things time.

June 2010: We visited a different family doctor, as we had moved. I had my first pap. All clear. Colin and I had baseline infertility tests. Colin's came back normal. Mine came back indicating high levels of testosterone and low levels of estrogen. The doctor suggested I do a cycle's worth of ovulation kits to see if I was ovulating.

July 2010: I wasn't ovulating. The doctor referred me to a women's clinic doctor who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. He suggested a round of clomid. I tried it. It was horrible for me- made me bleed for 6 weeks. There was no ultrasound done until after the clomid. It showed a cyst on my right ovary, and perhaps a smaller one on my left. We don't know if it was the clomid that caused them or if they were previously there. I asked the doctor if there was anything I could do to get rid of them, and he basically said no, don't do any gymnastics, and I could come back next cycle for another ultrasound to see what was happening with the cysts.

September 2010: I did NOT go back to the male doc. He was not helpful with the emotions I was experiencing, and well, was not helpful at all. I was fed up with my excessive bleeding and saw the previous female doc to get prescribed birth control pills for the first time. I did 3 cycles.

October-December 2010: Birth control pills. They totally worked to get me back on track, and I had never felt better about my cycles. I loved the predictability.

January-July 2011: Off birth control. My cycles have wavered between 22 and 47 days. But, no excessive/lengthy bleeding. Trying naturally. No plan followed. No timing things out. One round of ovulation kits was used that indicated a likely ovulation last cycle.

Currently: I am on CD 24. I am reading Making Babies and will follow its plan as soon as CD 1 hits me. Perhaps for 3-6 months. One day at a time.

Future: Colin and I have discussed seeing an RE for further answers and perhaps treatments. Our insurance will not cover anything, and we are not sure what we are even willing to do as far as medical intervention goes--financially, emotionally, and spiritually. We are anticipating a visit soon, but are waiting until we know what we are willing to try, and are secure financially to give it our all. We have also discussed adoption, even before TTC. We feel God has laid it on my heart to adopt from Ethiopia, and Colin's heart, China. We have not yet started any processes and likely won't for a few years. We are only 26 and don't anticipate adopting until we own a house.

Lots of prayer and lots of love have kept us afloat during these 4 1/2 years of our marriage. Although some days are more difficult than others, I think our bond has grown stronger over this time. Patience and trust have been tested and learned. The future is in God's hands and we can't wait to give Him glory through the family He has planned for us. Hope is floating.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so frustrated for you that your clomid cycle wasn't monitored and didn't end up giving you any answers.

    It sounds like you are trusting your instincts (and so are open to being led by the Spirit). Sending you prayers and best wishes for your journey.

  2. What a journey! The one thing I got from your story is hope. You still have many options of what is available to you for you to become parents. It doesn't make things less frustrating though! Praying for you that this journey has a very happy conclusion!

  3. I am so glad to read your "official" story. i knew bits and pieces of it from reading but now i know ho the journey has been for you. I am a big fan of "Making Babies" and there are so many good tips and things to do and try. I am hopi g you will be one of the success stories! :)

  4. Many prayers for you as you continue to seek God's will in all of this!

  5. I also had a "feeling" that it wouldn't be easy for me to get pregnant and was told to "wait and see" from a local doc. I know I waited too long.
    I have read several books as well, but I do credit finding some of the sources of my infertility through learning NaPro (the Creighton method) of charting. It is through this that I found out I had stage II-III endometriosis, a luteal phase defect and a partially non-functioning thyroid.
    Learning the NaPro / NFP process is easy and doesn't cost alot. Once you learn how to chart, the charts can provide a host of info to a doc who is familiar with the charting.
    Maybe I'm overstepping here and you know all about this, but I thought I'd mention this. I hope you don't have a long struggle on your IF journey!

  6. I should correct myself, I found the stage II-III endo and thyroid problems after seeing Dr. Keefe at the Pope Paul VI Institute in Omaha, NE thru surgery. However, the charting did tell them what to expect, it was just confirmed with surgery.
    BUT, some of the ladies charting were able to correct their problems w/o surgery and became pregnant w/o surgical intervention. I was just not one of them!

  7. Sorry that I'm so behind on commenting.... you've had such a difficult journey so far. I hope with all my heart that it gets easier. Love to you always xoxo

  8. We also married in 2007 (March) and started "not trying" right away. Our stories differ from there, but not by a whole lot. I'm so sorry you've struggled these years; I feel your grief, and your hope. *loves*