Monday, July 25, 2011

A Baby Bookmark and a Black Dress

Us. Aren't we cute?

A couple of years ago, Colin and I were in Borders bookstore in Eau Claire. I can't remember what books we went there for, but I can remember the item not on our list we ended up purchasing.

We were in line to check out and I was taking my time looking at all the goodies while we waited. I was checking out the bookmarks and one in particular just got my heart a-fluttering.

It was a pink ribbon bookmark with a pearl and beading on one end, and a gold baby carriage charm on the other. Had me at hello.

I can not find a picture of it anywhere online, so my description will have to do.

Colin bought it for me without me asking or telling him I wanted it. This simple gesture is why I fell in love with him in the first place and why I continue to fall in love with him all over again.

This bookmark represented hope to me. Somehow, he knew.

P.S. Oh, and the black dress I'm wearing above? He picked it out for me at Express. Although he doesn't particularly love being dragged around an entire shopping mall, he knows my few favorite stores, and deals with enjoys occasionally picking out a few things for me. I love the man.


  1. what a sweet post and yes you both look cute together! :)

  2. Colin sounds so sweet! I love that he bought you the bookmark without you having to ask :-)

  3. It is always great to go through life's ups and downs with an awesome partner! You are so blessed! might remember me from Phoebe Gone Wilde! ...I came out to my friends and family as an infertile and I decided to switch to a less private blog! I've continued to stalk you in the shadows! :) I just wanted to let you know that I'm back and blogging!
    Congratulations on being so great at picking an awesome man to marry! I've found that it is a gift that keeps on giving!

  4. Aww, great photo of you too! Hooray for super sweet hubbys!

  5. What a sweet gesture! How wonderful that he wanted to show you HOPE in such a sweet sweet!

    You'll be behind that baby carriage Jess...just continue to BELIEVE! I'm living proof that miracles can happen and I'll be here cheering you on when you receive yours ;)

  6. How sweet! I love the picture of you two!

  7. That was a very sweet gesture. ((HUGS))

  8. You are a beautiful couple! Continue to have hope and believe!