Monday, May 30, 2011

Natural Remedies to Boost Fertility

NOTE: Please see the following links for natural remedies (and more to come!):
#1: The Basics
#2: Lifestyles of the Naturally Fertile
#3: Destressing

I need your help! I am looking for natural remedies for PCOS, irregular cycles, and imbalanced hormones. I was wondering if YOU knew of herbs, teas, foods, or yoga videos/exercises that can help to regulate menstrual cycles or hormones, and/or get rid of ovarian cysts.

If you would be so kind as to give me all the tips you know of and if you know of any spectacular books, blogs, or websites on this subject, I would be more than grateful if you would share your knowledge!

I hope to compile all the information I discover into a post in the future to share with all.
Thank you for your help and have a blessed Memorial Day and week!


  1. I want to know how to help irregular cycles too!! I will definitely check back here to see what you find out! I have tried chasteberry, soy isoflavones and Vitex with no luck!!

  2. Hi! I would suggest buying Making Babies off Amazon. I bought this book back in the fall, and I have been following a lot of the advice since then. Obviously I have not gotten pregnant, but I know people who have, and it has helped me to become more healthy.

    The book suggests many different types of natural herbs for all kinds of fertility problems, including PCOS. I take between 10-12 supplements a day. It also recommends specific eating habits for different fertility types, which I try to follow, although I always mess up. It also encourages regular exercise, relaxation techniques and acupuncture. I have tried it all except acupuncture, but I am going to start that soon.

    It also mentions a chinese herb concoction that gets rid of ovarian cysts - they even give the recipe for it, so you can ask your herbalist to make it for you if you have one.

    I talk a little about the book in my first few posts from January, so check out my blog if you are interested! I plan on continuing the Making Babies program with any future fertility treatments.

  3. Thinking of you as you start your cycle... with you on this cycle too. I've used Circle and Bloom as a meditation to help with my cycles and know that they have a PCOS version... I also see an acupuncturist who helps a great deal. Love to you always xoxo

  4. I've always heard that acupuncture is really great for PCOS girls, but I've never tried it myself. If we end up needing to do invasive fertility stuff, like IVF, then I'll probably try it!

  5. Herb-wise this is what I do/know.

    Vitex (chasteberry): I take one capsule a day and it helps to regulate my cycle, both ovulation and luteal phase.

    Evening Primrose Oil (EPO): Take one capsule a day until ovulation. Helps with cervical mucous.

    B-complex vitamin: replaces the lost B vitamins that vitex takes, energy boost

    Fish oil: omega 3, good for the high cholesterol that comes with PCOS

    The Maker's Diet (read about on my blog)

    I haven't done these yet but I know they are great:
    - acupuncture
    - chiropractor