Saturday, October 8, 2011

He Had a Dream

He looked at me as we were waking from sleep this morning.
With a sparkle.

"I had a dream about our daughter," he said.

"What?" It took me a few times to realize what he was saying.

"Tell me more!" I pried.

"She was beautiful."

"Did she have big brown eyes?" "Yes."

 "Chubby cheeks?" "Yes, and frizzy hair," he gushed.

"I'm SO jealous!" I said.

He went on, "She was two years old. We were in an adoption office. She gave me a hug!"

He had the most content smile, remembering.


  1. What a sweet dream. I hope it will be a reality for you guys soon!!

  2. Aren't dreams the best? Especially when Colin got to meet your daughter already? :) this is great!