Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Balance Beams

Talk about balance can be found all over--friendly chit chat, self-help books, and Oprah magazine covers. What is this balance that is spoken of?
  • Dedicating our lives equally to family, friends, work, chores, and me-time?
  • Equal and minimal distribution of our energy?
  • A way of living that diminishes the stress in our lives?
  • Simplifying our lives so we output less effort for others?
I read the following words this morning on Ann Voskamp's blog. They've really got me thinking about my life, my priorities, and perhaps what Godly balance vs. worldly balance looks like.

The world, your community...even your family — they are going to try to push you back to the middle. North America feels pretty comfortable in the middle. Balance, everyone says. I don’t know what Jesus is going to say to you.... How He might direct your life now….

Just don’t assume God wants you to live in the middle. Be open to the possibility — of something radically different.” ~Shaun Groves via Ann Voskamp

I just adore these words, and yet, I find myself rereading them over and over to grasp meaning and relation to myself.

What if we lived for something more than ourselves and our day-to-day jobs, tasks, and routines?

What if we stepped out of the box and did something selfless today? Something we are frightened of. Something good for somebody else.

What if we looked at the bigger picture of Life? Our purpose? Creation's purpose.

I read that God gave the world more than enough resources (food, water, means for clothing and shelter, etc.)....He just didn't distribute them equally.

That is why He created man. In hopes we would be selfless and share our resources that He has entrusted us with.

I know I have a lot of thinking and giving to do. Praying and hoping. Living and loving.

Here is a video of Francis Chan speaking about is wonderful.

Let's try to not cling to our balance beams, but to know, jump around a little, get out of our comfort zones. It could be a beautiful dance.


  1. Very interesting post on balance. So true! Too funny you posted about this because one of the math lessons I have planned for grade two next week involves a balance scale to teach them equal and unequal! Here's to hoping they get it! :)

  2. I feel like this is what you and Colin are doing, and it is so inspiring. Great post Jess...provokes lots of thought.