Thursday, March 10, 2011



Random news:

*Colin and I had a date night this last week and went to dinner and a movie, Unknown with Liam Neeson. It was pretty good!
*Spring is 10 days away! Unfortunately we still have lots of snow and are supposed to be getting more Saturday. It's been in the 30s here in Wisconsin.
*I just finished reading The Help. Great book. Highly recommended. I think I will be starting Water For Elephants soon- the movie is going to be in theaters this spring, so I want to have read it by then.


  1. What a nice dinner! It's always nice to talk about IF with people who have been through it, especially those with a happy ending!

    The Help is next on my list, I'm really looking forward to it :)

  2. I am a HUGE proponent of an organic diet for women trying to conceive. We started eating organically and cut out processed foods in late summer of last year. Another good book with diet suggestions is The Infertility Cure. Once you get used to eating different things for snacks, dinners, etc., it doesn't really feel that restrictive.

  3. What a great story for them! Eating healthier just always makes me feel better in general.

  4. That's such a wonderful outcome :) Sounds like a great book!

    And congrats to you on your new healthier lifestyle!

  5. I own that book, though I haven't had a chance yet to really read it comprehensively (I just skimmed it). The diet has flawed roots, I believe (it's based off some really odd prehistoric man stuff that I disagree with), but it has some great stuff to use in tailoring your personal lifestyle with food, and I'm excited to implement some of the strategies once we finally have our own place again (hopefully in the next couple months - we're finally in Illinois!!). I'll blog about, to be sure!