Friday, December 26, 2014

Wrapping Up Christmas

This Christmas was oh so special for Colin and me. The very first one home with our daughter, Caris. Last year we spent our most favorite holiday in the NICU, and it was sad for me, as I thought we would have been home.
But 2014....Christmas was amazing. We chopped down our tree right after Thanksgiving, decorated it and our house with meaningful ornaments and words like 'joy' and 'noel'.
Most importantly, we relaxed. We dedicated Caris at our church on December 21st, and I barely held back gushing tears as our pastor told Caris' story. When he said she was due December 25 and born September 17...I heard so many gasps across the congregation. I almost lost it.
It is easy to push down the emotions from all we experienced during Caris' first few months of early life. But, I think we did a good job of balancing memories of the past and being thankful for our many blessings. Loving Jesus and God for His sacrifice. Being joyful. Enjoying smiles and giggles of our little one.
Colin, Caris, and me spent Christmas Eve listening to beautiful music and words at our church, and Christmas day, well, in our jammies, opening gifts, and making memories, just us three.
Here is my Caris Noelle. Filled with love and joy!



  1. Just beautiful. So glad you had such an incredibly special time!

  2. A joyful Christmas indeed!!
    I'm so glad you were all at home, together, at Christmas this year.
    I love the picture of C looking at the lit up Christmas tree in awe ~ she is SO beautiful ~ and I am SO glad she is healthy and thriving!! <3