Thursday, October 17, 2013

Caris' 1 Month Update

Our Caris is 1 month old today. God has blessed us so much by giving us our sweet little lady. He has been so gracious to us, providing what we need when we need it. Caris is 2 pounds 8.1 ounces and is just over 15 inches long. She is growing bit by bit every day! She is looking so beautiful and healthy. I would have been pregnant just over 30 weeks today. I am sad for the time lost with her in my belly, and I struggle seeing her defenseless and knowing the strength it takes her to endure pokes from nurses, tests being done, and simple cares. But I am thankful God has given us these extra weeks to love her and hold her. I know He has BIG plans for our love. Some other updates...she is now taking in 22 mL of my milk every 3 hours...hopefully in about 3.5 weeks she will start learning to feed by mouth. I think she will do great, as she is starting to suck on her pacifier. She had to have her third blood transfusion this week due to a low blood count. She is just so silly and tolerates these way better than getting her temperature taken under her armpit! She still has her heart murmur...we are praying hard that her extra valve closes on its own. Her oxygen levels have been improving and her drops in them as well as her heartrates are becoming predictable...usually with tests, cares, or feedings. Our strong little miracle girl is surprising everyone with her progress. Keep the prayers coming, please. We are immensely thankful for them!


  1. Such great news! Some very exciting milestones getting closer every day.

  2. Happy one month baby girl! Glad to hear she is growing and putting on weight. Sending love and prayers! Xo

  3. Stay strong, little Caris! We love you and are praying for you daily!!!