Thursday, May 2, 2013

Six Months Dreaming

We have been on the waitlist to adopt for 6 months today!
We are...probably not even 1/8th of the way to our referral.
We are...sad that just 6 months into this process our girl number did not move at all and our sibling number went up 3--the opposite way.
**This happens when families ahead of us on the list expand their parameters from boy list only to include girl list or sibling list as well. Instead of being placed at the end of the list, they are placed based on the date they joined their initial list/s. Also, some families are placed on hold due to a concurrent adoption or pregnancy, and then added back on at a certain time.**
We are awe of God's timing. Sometimes we think 'now' is better. But it is not! God surely knows what is best for us and for His plan for the greater picture.
But, most of all,
We are...blessed.
It is really that simple.
When we slow down and walk hand-in-hand with our Creator, He is truly all that matters!
I have memorized this verse, and it has become very useful in squashing fears, like a hammer!
He will have no fear of bad news;
His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.
~Psalm 112:7


  1. I'm sorry the progress doesn't go smoothly and that there are pauses and setbacks. I'm sorry that the wait is so long. Waiting in faith and hope is hard. You are both amazing and when you bring your girl(s) home it will all make sense.

  2. The Psalm you share is powerful! I'm praying that for you today.
    The girls you will parent WILL find you - God is adjusting things a little now so you can find each other later. That's what helps me sometimes - thinking of it that way.
    Praying that your wait list numbers move in the right direction this month! (((hugs))) and prayers!