Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Lately

Obsessions Loves:

1) Daily iced coffee straight from my refrigerator....

...okay, so I haven't quite given up caffeine completely. But at least I've been sticking to one morning mug, right? (Right?!?)

2) Oatmeal w/fresh fruit for breakfasts--to go along with my coffee! Made with warm oats, blueberries, peaches, homemade coconut pistachio granola, and a dollop of Justin's almond butter. You've got to try this!

3) Redecorating our bedroom. I saw a painting and HAD to have it! When you go home without it and are still drooling, you know it is meant for you. It is a painting of a Venice canal at night with turquoise and blue-sy tones. We also have a bedding set picked out to purchase in the next few months...pictures to come!

4) Reality TV. Guilty pleasure. Big brother, Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef (and Survivor come fall). Oh, and not gonna lie, I totally watch Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant. That being said, we don't even have cable, we watch them online for free!

5) Looking forward to our vacation in September. We are going to Washington state, where Colin is from. His mom, step-dad, 3 brothers and family are there (Olympia/Chehalis areas). I heart Washington, especially Mount Rainier and all the other mountains-so gorgeous.

What are you loving?


  1. Big Brother! haha...I swear I do have a life outside of this show.

    I'm loving the (slightly) cooler weather right now. So refreshing!

  2. I love big brother also and survivor. Can't wait to see who gets voted back in, I want some major drama.

  3. I'm loving
    1) Blog stalking people and getting strength from their amazing examples.
    2) Being on my diet and enjoying so many fruits and vegetables
    3) Running into someone from a TV show that I love (the Biggest Loser)!
    4) My snuggly husband...I'm always loving that...not just lately
    5) Commenting on wonderful blog posts :)

  4. Washington state is gorgeous, but I've only been to the Vancouver area. Have a good safe trip.

  5. I'm a reality TV junkie. I like Real Housewives (of NY, Atlanta, Jersey and Orange County), Master Chef, Teen Mom, The Challenge on MTV. There's probably more, but I can't think of them.

    I'm lovin your blog post!

  6. I enjoy The Biggest Loser as well!

  7. I am loving watermelon and afternoon naps(which end today because summer break is over). I also love Teen Mom but am not yet caught up on the DVR:)

  8. I'm loving this post and all the happy positive things in it!!! :)